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Step #1: Click the following link. Then choose the gift you would like.

U.S Visitors:

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Step #2: After you have selected your free iPhone, enter your e-mail address at the bottom of the screen, accept the terms & conditions (I would suggest reading them as with any site that has them). Click the button to continue to the next page and continue filling out the information requested until your account has been made. (Do not use fake information or make multiple accounts)

Step #3: Once your account has been made, you simply complete an offer or two on the website until you have earned 1 full credit. (A lot of free offers give a full credit) You only need 1 full credit to complete this step towards your iPhone.

Recommended Offers: You will need to gather a full credit. (2 1/2 credits, 3 1/3 credits etc..)

Recommended Free Offers
Get Your Credit Report Now
Credit Check Total
eFax Plus (Canada/UK Only)
Smart Mobile Panel (US Only)
NetFlix (Takes 14 days to credit)
Blockbuster - 2 week free trial ***HOT***

Recommended $1 Offers
Complete Home
eMusic 75 songs HOT!! Amazing offer

Step #4: With your offer completed, simply get a few friends or family members to sign up using your referral link and have each of them complete an offer for themselves (They must be on separate computers) Once you have completed your referral requirements you can order your completely free iPhone!

With so many easy and free offers to complete there is no reason why your family and friends will not want to get themselves a iPhone too!

If you still are not completely sure about this method of obtaining a free iPhone then click here to goto my information website that will explain how it all works and why you can get yourself a free iPhone.

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